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This black T-shirt is 100% cotton by SOL’S brand, offering a sporty cut slinky, very wearable and excellent quality. In addition, the logo is printed in traditional screen printing certified OEKO-TEX® offering incredible print quality. Wear the colors with pride! 

(WARNING) The official logo of YOUREK and the name in itself has the copyright protected by the INPI and Copyright. Reproduction is prohibited. Otherwise, any dispute will result in prosecution.

Training sessions:

£100 the hour

£200 2 hours

£300 4 hours

£500 the day ( morning + afternoon )

- The training depend to your level. Beginners, amateurs, professionals. 

- Each training are composed of a physical part, technical and scenic. 

- The fundamentals bases of wrestling like psychology of matches, positioning in the ring, the selling, etc.

CUSTOM PICTURES ! (New concept)

£5 the picture

Want a picture of Yourek in particular? Back ? Front ? During the sport? A fight ? You choose !

Accompanied by a professional photographer, Yourek will make it for you ! contact him by mail.  Once done, you will receive the custom picture autographed by Yourek.

Created by Youri Lesniak (Yourek)